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Revive Restoration Services LLC

We're only as good as our people.  That's why we believe a sure way of growing this company is to clearly state our values and instill them in our associates.  Values are beliefs that do not change over time, they guide our decisions and actions. 


  1. Excellent customer service.  Doing whatever it takes to build customer loyalty.

  2. Taking care of our people.  The most important reason for Revive Restoration’s success.

  3. Developing entrepreneurial spirit.  We think of our organizational structure as an inverted pyramid: Front line Associates and customers are at the top and senior management is on the bottom.

  4. Respect for all people.  Talent and good people are everywhere, and we can’t afford to overlook any source of good people

  5. Building strong relationships with associates, customer, vendors, and communities.

  6. Doing the right thing, not just doing things right.

  7. Giving back to our communities is an integral part of doing business.

  8. Shareholder return.  Investors in Revive Restoration Services will benefit from money they’ve given use to grow our business.

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